22 March 2009

LSA Institute 2009

I’m not bragging, but I am overjoyed to be the recipient of a fellowship to attend the LSA 2009 Linguistic Institute at Berkeley. I’ve chosen these classes for the six weeks:

  • LSA 314: Semantics with Chris Barker

  • LSA 103: Athabaskan linguistic structures with Keren Rice

  • LSA 113: Field phonetics and phonetic typology with Ian Maddieson

  • LSA 115: Language documentation and language communities with Siri G. Tuttle

  • LSA 212: Language contact and language change with Sarah Thomason

  • LSA 219 Morphological innovation and change with Adam Albright

  • LSA 236: Wakashan linguistic structures with Emmon Bach and Patricia A. Shaw

I really wanted to take Leanne Hinton’s language revitalization class, Frank Seifart’s class on nominal classification, and Nichols, Ringe, and Warnow’s class on computational methods in historical linguistics, but the classes overlap so there’s just no way.