20 April 2009


Back in October I started a new mailing list devoted to the Atha[pb]as[ck]an language family and its relatives. It is graciously hosted by the LINGUIST List. There used to be a list called ATHLANG-L but it has been dead for a few years, and I wanted to fill the gap. I sent out an FYI to the LINGUIST List but have only seen about 20 subscribers since. I recently spammed a bunch of folks I know who work on languages in the family, and so the subscription numbers are rising slightly, but I figured I’d advertise it here as well.

The name is a pun on the four spellings of /ˌæ.θəˈbæs.kən/. I put the first pair of letters in reverse alphabetic order, and the second pair in forward alphabetic order. That way nobody can claim my favoritism over any particular spelling. (I have already admitted that I prefer “Athabaskan”, but I’m trying to be fair here.)

So if you’re interested in Atha[pb]as[ck]an languages, Na-Dené languages, Dene-Yeniseic languages, or things related, feel free to subscribe. The list is very low traffic, but I’d like to see more discussion and announcements from people other than myself...

Subscription site

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